Monday, November 18, 2013

doubling up

On the farm, we are currently racing a number of things with time and weather. 

Thanksgiving turkeys, of course. Must be moved, fed their small ration of grain, and watered every day. It will be necessary by one week from today for every single one of them to be oven ready. Actually, a few are turkeys for Christmas and New Years, but a lot of turkeys need a change in the next 7 days. 

More seeds in the hoophouse. Not fully planted yet. A couple snafus in plans are the cause of this. Must rectify, or seeds won't grow into harvestable foodstuffs. 

Chickens also need to be moved and fed and watered and processed. We are grateful for warm days to do this. 

And our house. The race against the cold clock is on. The south facing man cave on the hoophouse is lovely in winter. Warm and sunny even when there is a slight overcast, Homer is working on adding a glass enclosed version on the south facing porch of our house. 

So things look like this. 

Buckets of grain, extension cords, sawzall, measuring devices. 

And this...

Boards, egg basket. 

And as he removes the metal decorative posts to replace with wood framing, we recognize the size and weight of the roof on this little porch, and support it with temporary, substantial, reinforced timbers. 

Each day we go from one to another, cursing the loss of light at this time of year. We, and the laying hens, need a bit more each day...

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