Friday, November 15, 2013


You might have heard my endless droning of how cold our house is in winter. Oil furnace system has not ducts to upstairs. Electric heat pump never warms the house, always freezing. Either system in an uninsulated house results in everyone wearing layers of outdoor clothing inside. 

And yet the hoophouse, on a sunny day, is over 100 degrees. A metal frame with a layer of plastic over it. We run out there and then are in shorts and tee shirts!

A friend was dismantling a rotting system of large windows and frames. The glass is still good, but much work needed to be done to get the frames back in order, and the decision was made to go completely different. We salvaged the 8 glass doors removed. 

Our house has a south facing porch off of the living room. Plans are to attach the windows, reframed, to the porch. And to use the sunshine to warm up this place. 

Will it work? We will see! Some wood, sealant, paint and we will be testing it. Some insulation in the roof too. After the hoophouse is planted. 

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