Thursday, October 31, 2013

pig rescue

"Would you rescue a pig" read the email. We looked at each other and wondered.  What we do with a rescue pig? We are farmers and one of the things we grow is...pork. 

The pig has a story. Police officers caught in a city. Not as big a city as Harrisburg, but a city none the less. 

And then transported to an animal shelter where she had been for 30 days. The people working at the shelter reached out to vets, to get the pig vetted. No answers. 

We went to get her. Expecting a pig that looks like our pigs. In the photo she was pink, so we figured she was a Yorkshire or a blue butt like some of the pigs we have here. 

Instead, there was this. 

A petite pig. Not a big pig. Just a small one, with a big head and mouselike ears. 

When she got into her mobile pen, she did what every other pig does. 

She tore up the ground under the pen in less than 24 hours. A pig, for sure, but maybe bred on purpose to be little. Her tail is very long, almost touches the ground, and has very long hair at the end. 

She will be here for quite some time. She fits perfectly in the pen built to go under the electric fence lines. She has a job to do, keeping them clear of the stuff that grows there. 

Adopted pig from the city streets. Didn't think that would happen. 

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