Wednesday, October 2, 2013

farm dogs

We have two. And are considering a third. 

Pretty funny when you remember Homer saying no to dogs. But these dogs work, and so would an additional dog. 

Neither herds but they do protect. From all sorts of things. The big one holds its own against anything big, while the little one tears up any scurrying thing. What in particular each chases or scares off varies from time of day to season of the year. 

Right now the leaves are changing and critters are working hard on winter storage and fattening.  Both dogs help slow down the unwanted farm poachers. While taking some seeds or some chickens or anything else the dogs help slow that down. 

The Jack Russell is getting close to 12 years old, and her reflexes are quick but not lightening fast like they were. We are looking to get her a wing dog, another terrier type dog, to help her out. We hear Jacks work better in multiples but that might just be Jack loving propoganda! Looking for a not yippy and high energy dog, one that an owner realizes is too much. Not a puppy, but a young dog. 

The two are getting along just fine. The Jack does not really get along with anyone, fine is about her standard. While she loves us and tolerates us, she still will snap at us if we initiate contact with her. That will not change, and she is the same way with the other dog. I have seen them touch noses as they pass each other, but there is no hanging out, being all friendly happening. No dog fights either!

Here they told us they both wanted to go for a ride. Problem is, the two of them take up the cab of our small truck. 

And the big dog leaves these impressive footprints everywhere. 

I've always loved dogs. Had one for most of my life except when working full time, traveling and school aged kids. Dogs just added too much. Now? Just right. 

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