Sunday, October 6, 2013

beans all year

We grew a couple types of beans this year. Kentucky Wonder and Rattlesnake. The taste of Kentucky Wonder is great, but the beans match the color of the leaves and we miss some when picking. 

The Rattlesnake beans are purple striped on a green background. The beans grow in clumps on these huge vining plants. As the season progresses, we need the tall ladder to pick beans!

The beans are eaten in all stages. When tiny and thin. When a bit bigger and more substantial. And then, when removed from the shells, as beans cooked in liquid, like baked beans or mixed into a stew or soup. The beans when shelled can be left to dry and then kept for using in the winter or next spring: cooked for a while in liquid they soften up and are delicious. The beans can be puréed into a bean dip, with a little heat added, and some chips...

Many reports on the nutritional value, the protein and many vitamins. We eat them year round in many ways and love them. 

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