Tuesday, October 22, 2013

and now there are four

Almost 3 years ago we adopted a 9 year old Jack Russell. She is no less cranky than when she arrived, and is still completely devoted to Homer. She is with him most hours of the day. 

We can pet her but no one else really can, as she is a biter. She is also an awesome mouser. 

Chaz arrived at the farm this summer. He helps keep chickens alive, as his growl, bark and sheer size intimidate most. He is about 3, and an owner surrender at a local animal rescue. 

When men visit the farm Chaz charges them, hackles up, growling and barking. He runs straight to them and barks right onto their privates. He was surrendered for being "too aggressive". 

Last week I traded a couple chickens and a dozen eggs for this sweetheart of a dog. Jazmine is about 5, and was a very hungry girl who settled in right away. Just the nicest dog, gentle, smart, alert and yet quiet in the house and very few demands. 

She does really love to roll in funky stuff. She gets brushed out every evening as we all head inside, it has gotten too chilly for nightly baths. 

Then yesterday I picked up this one, who took over a month of emails to get here. Her owners moved where they can't have her, but truly did not want to give her up. Enola will take a while to adjust. She was a real pet, tears shed when the transfer was made, clothes, collars and stuff handed over with her medical records. 

She looks like Chaz but is one quarter the size. She is a bit upset with the upheaval in her life. But when we ran the farm and she was able to get into the brambles, she came alive and happy hunting...ears and tail up, sniffing, smiling, running. She will be ok in a few weeks, but first night she is missing her family. 

No puppies. These adult dogs are so much easier! Already have manners, house broken, spayed/neutered, and understand the word no. 

Here Homer was tempting them with tasty tidbits to get all 4 in one picture. 

The only way is to hold Sandi, cause she will snap at the other dogs when they get near her. 

Chicken losses? Not so much anymore. 

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