Wednesday, September 4, 2013

while working

Some jobs on the farm are noisy. Some dirty. Some require covering a lot of ground. 

Every week there are some jobs that are repetitive and exacting, but not taxing. Concentration is required, but only in intermittent time frames. 

Homer tried Tedtalks, but missed key points and had to fiddle too much to watch over and really, they are just not long enough when an entire day of work is ahead of you. 

Homer has found the best solution. Movies he knows but heart on a tiny, portable DVD player. If missed he already knows what happens, no need to rewind and watch again. He knows the dialog already!

And I didn't think we had any dvd's left. These made the cut, it seems like there is even a VHS of The Goonies still with us too. Some we just could not bear to part with!

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