Tuesday, September 24, 2013

todays load

What is in the truck as we return to the farm?

A few things. Empty containers of what we delivered. Except not really empty, refilled with cool stuff we are returning to the farm.

Stale bread from a bakery. The little bit of groceries we buy (chocolate, coffee, bananas, baking powder, toilet paper, orange soda made with cane sugar).

And beautiful, solid pallets. Constructed from solid pine, we envision reusing these in a construction project we are envisioning, as cabinet doors. After a little reinforcing, sanding and painting.

5 gallon jugs, which after cleaning will serve as cloches for tender plants next spring. Plans are to request 300 of these: for the 100 tomato, pepper and eggplants we grow each year.

Two sided pallets, which will be deconstructed and remade into fencing here on the farm.

Yesterday, the truck was emptied and refilled, 3 times, from the local saw mill. Two loads of wood shavings to go under the baby peeps in the brooder. We are expecting a flock of meat birds and a flock of egg layers each in the next week. Those will be our last batches this year, until new flocks of meat birds begin again next March.

A load of sawdust, that goes into our compost along with the...other stuff...that gets composted here on the farm. Varied are the items that go in our compost, the addition of sawdust ensures a great balance of everything, results in the breakdown of everything that goes in. About 2 weeks later, there is nothing but black gold, the sweetest smelling compost ever. Nature takes care, and there are a whole host of bugs out there waiting for the next bit of stuff we put into the pile, and cover up with the sawdust.

And in the afternoon, the truck was loaded again. This time, a stop at a local restaurant yielded a garbage can of stuff that would go to the landfill if we did not take it. Melon rinds, egg shells, broccoli stems, celery stalks and other edible bits go into the bin. The pigs are overjoyed to get these things, and we consider it recycling at its most basic. Tons go in. Little comes out.

Happy pigs. Landfill reduction. All good.

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