Sunday, September 1, 2013

not really fruit growers

We don't really grow fruit. While there are trees on the property they suffer from a bit of neglect: we have pruned but not often and we don't spray a bit.

Every year we get chickens underneath each tree for scratching and getting the weeds out. We read the list of ingredients of fertilizer for fruit trees and had a realization. It is almost exactly the same as what comes from a chicken. A couple times a year we set a flock of chickens under each tree for a day and they clean up and fertilize. 

We have never seen pears like this before. They are not ripe yet but the tree is covered in them and we are researching pear recipes and preserving methods. We have seen pears in trees late in the season, even after frost, and will need to research the optimal time for picking. The skin on these is pretty thick and rough, not certain if they stay that way or soften up when ripe. 

The apples are looking good too. 

I've set a reminder in my calendar to research pherome traps for next year. The coddling moth does the most damage to fruit trees in this part of the world, and pherome traps set in place at certain times of year prevent the moths from finding each other, greatly slows reproduction and the number of caterpillars in the fruit. Science and interruption of the reproductive cycle. Fun. 

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