Thursday, September 12, 2013

late in the season

We experienced big chicken losses this year. With 2 dogs on the farm it appears that we have managed to stem the tide of attacks on our flocks. Each day we are a little more confident that the dogs are chasing away the daytime and nighttime chicken thieves. 

We have been able to fulfill the chicken CSA orders this season. There have been weeks when we have no extra chickens to sell. The frustrating part has been that we purchased the chicks and the feed and with almost every loss had grown the birds to full size. 

We are growing birds later in the season this year to make up a little of our losses. While we can't make back the money spent on feed and birds, we still need to produce income. 

Yesterday our order for 200 more birds arrived. Into the brooder they went, and into the winter they will grow. Freezers will be full this winter, as we are always asked for chickens in the cold months this year we will have them!

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