Monday, September 9, 2013

dreams, intensified

We have lived in a home that was warm in winter. Heated by a high efficiency gas heater Ann transmitted via radiant (not steam) heat, it was a comfortable and warm house. Double wall and window construction kept it draft free, and kept the heat in the house. 

That is not the case where we live now. It is freezing in this house and as winter approaches we start to dread the coldest months of the year. 

Homer's idea, design and scale model has a bit of interest. The idea, of building a size that makes sense for a farmer, of including heat capturing, food preserving, preparation and growing all in a very livable, comfortable space resonates with us. And with a few other people as well. 

On Friday, a visitor to the farm saw Homer's model and got it. Understood quickly and completely the value of such a structure. Using off the shelf materials, combined to build an attractive, traditional in appearance home that has simple systems to operate for heating and cooling. Simple systems for growing food in quantity year round. Designed to be infill construction in urban areas, or to go where a current, neglected structure is beyond repair. 

3/4 of the building is now committed to be paid for. We need a little more in sponsorship to get this project from idea to finished. The first will be built here, and it is likely we will stay in Tramper while it is done. 

Always beautiful to see a dream come to fruition. 

Here's Homer's model. 

Still a work in progress. But closer. Much closer. 

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