Friday, September 20, 2013


Mornings, as the sun rises, finds chilly days here in the farm. 

We love the change of seasons for what it is. The cooler nights, comfortable days and mild evenings makes it so much easier to get everything done. Gone are the days we have to stop and drink water every few minutes to stay hydrated. 

At the same time, we dread the wintertime. Our house is unbearably cold in the winter. Many leaks and concrete block walls combine for very high heating bills and zero comfort indoors. We freeze here, and look forward to days when we can head outside and into the sunny hoop house. 

When the sun is shining the hoop house is a very warm temperature. Out of the wind it turns our property into a balmy paradise. We can then work in shorts and tee shirt, comfortably, until the sun sets. Then into the icy house we return, where our heat to keep the pipes from freezing indoor temperatures generate bills that are $700-$800 each month. A horrible way to spend money. 

There are plans and ideas percolating to change this status. Can't wait for them to happen, and they can't happen soon enough. As evidenced by this photo, the frost is with us many mornings now. Cold weather is lurking out there...

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