Friday, September 13, 2013

$8 privacy fence

There are seed houses all over the country. There are some names everyone knows, even people who have never put a seed anywhere. Others are smaller, more specialty types of seed purveyors. 

Our closest spot to get seeds is in New Freedom, PA. Only about half an hour away, they stock every vegetable kind and many flower seeds too. 

I bought a pound of sunflower seeds from them this spring. Not a big stack of the paper packets with the pretty picture on the cover, just a big bag weighed out

Like most things, buying in bulk right in their office has its advantages. A pound set me back $8. 

And then planted where we have envisioned a privacy fence/planting. Just to test it out without the time and expense. 

The results are beautiful. And covered with bees and such all day long. 

A beautiful way to create a wall. 

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