Friday, August 23, 2013

working dogs

We started with no dogs. But little by little we are becoming a dog farm. 

The Jack Russell was first. She does an amazing job at rodent control. She is on the hunt most of the day, and is quite effective. Mean. 

The big dog, an unknown mix who was found as a stray puppy in Guatemala, came to us this summer, after being deemed "too protective" by his first family. 

The little one hates the big one. It is an uneasy truce when they are in the same room, usually the footstool is between them. As with everyone else, she gives a short warning growl when he gets too close, and snaps at him if he does not back off. 

Working dogs. Kinda like pets. But not really. On the farm for reasons: to deter small things and big things, since we grow vegetables and livestock there are things out there day and night looking to snack on what we grow. Funny thing, it is a challenge to take to market things with bite marks, and the dogs help prevent that from happening. 

When they are not trying to get on the furniture. 

The big one loves to steal food. He is tall enough to reach the table top. The other day I heard an odd sound and discovered him licking the butter. Ick. He ended up with the entire thing. 

Our losses have reduced. Keep up the good work dogs. There are plenty more chicken feet in your futures. 

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