Tuesday, August 20, 2013

what is that?!

As part of the curriculum in the local elementary schools there is an incubator program. Incubator in the old sense of the word, where chickens are hatched from eggs in an incubator. 

After the chicks hatch, we get a few of the chicks. Some end up as laying hens in our flock. A few end up as noisy roosters, crowing and waking us up before first light in the morning. 

On Friday night we heard a sound we have not heard before. We think it was coyotes calling to each other, it was chilling for a pasture based livestock farmer. 

The land we purchased 4 years ago was an exotic bird farm. The woods are full of discarded wire cages of all shapes and sizes. 

Combine all of this, and Homer, and the outcome is this. A series of cages, where the roosters are safe but attractive. Larger cages than a have-a-heart trap. 

Today we see if anything is in there, and what it is. The have-a-hearts are out too, as is the dog. An when we hear birds in panic mode during the night, Homer is out there too. 

We have not lost birds in several weeks. But we know we are not alone and must remain vigilant or we will. 

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