Thursday, August 1, 2013


Picking peas and picking beans requires an eagle eye. When the leaves and the beans are the same color it is easy to miss them, and then they are too stringy and tough to eat. 

The first beans this year have a funny name: rattlesnake bean. Selected because they are two toned and easier to locate on the plant, our initial taste tests are tender, sweet and delicious. We did not cook them, just ate them with a bit of hummus and loved the taste!

On Sunday there were 3 beans per share   Today a handful per share. Last week there were 5-6 tomatoes per share. This week at least twice that. 

Beans and tomatoes freeze easily. Trim off the parts you don't eat and put into the freezer. Start with them on parchment covered trays and then transfer to bags or mason jars. Or skip the trays. When wanting to use them, just put into a pot and cook them for a while, we put a chicken in a Dutch oven along with frozen or canned tomatoes and cook until we can't resist the delicious smell...

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