Saturday, August 17, 2013

not on our farm

These two cuties are not on our farm, but are on our neighbors farm. 

They are an indicator of tough times. Purchased at auction, if they did not make across the street they would have gone to the slaughter house. 

It is happening all over the country, and especially in the winter time. Horses, mules, donkeys, hennies are moderately expensive to keep, and they live a long time...20 to 30 years. A lot can happen to an owner of livestock in that amount of time: situations and employment change, and not just dogs and cats find themselves homeless. 

We have rescued two dogs, after Homer vowed never to have one. The little one is mean, the big one is a dufus. They have both been a lovely addition to the farm. When the Jack was ill last fall we both cried like babies thinking we might lose her, and she recovered without missing a step. 

But if members of the equine family show up here you will know some serious changes have happened. While I love dogs and always have had one or wanted one, Homer not so much. Horses, and their associated varieties, he claims have a "kick this man" sign with his picture on it, and he vows never to have them. 

It gets hard to resist when I see a horse listed as "bombproof", described as a horse anyone can handle, sweet tempered and never mean. For free or else heading to the auction to be converted to dog food. But if there is one there really should be two...

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