Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hanging on our living room wall is a collage. Photos were taken of a number of buildings in Hamden, a neighborhood in Baltimore, cut up and assembled together. 

The artist had an exhibit that we attended, both of us liked her work, and the subject made us smile. We have had it for about 17 years. 

For the past 2 nights this bug has appeared as the room darkens and climbs up the face of the glass. The bug is clumsy, large and bright green. We are not certain what it is but it should certainly not be in the house. One of us needs to do something. 

Too big to smash. Too big to catch with bare hands. It is still in the living room, likely looking for a spot to lay eggs. It looks harmless in a no visible stinger hanging off it sort of way, but it is just large enough to be more of a handful than would be fun. 

Life in the country where we don't spray insecticide. And the dogs push out the bottom corners of the screens in the screen doors mean visitors like this one. Bugs like this in the house used to freak me out but things have changed. A left over yogurt container and the lid to move it, then release outside will do just fine. 

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