Wednesday, August 21, 2013

dehydration fail

Tomatoes are coming in strong these days. We grow all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes. 

Sliced and placed in the food dehydrator, we went about the rest of the weekend with visions of wintertime tomato goodness. In soups or stews or tossed into a salad, the intense tomato taste is welcome in those cold and dark months. 

But then, close to the heat source, there was this. 

And further away from the heat source there was this

As ugly as this looks the smell was even worse. It was disgusting. 

And the clean up, that involved getting every speck of this stuff off was gag worthy. 

Bleach was required. 

I'll try again. On days it is not predicted to rain. It has been quite a damp summer, and this capped it. In a gross me out man kinda way. 

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