Wednesday, August 28, 2013

a vision

Homer has a vision. Where people don't have mortgages that are huge, instead have well insulated, comfortable homes they build themselves. With a little help from friends and a few professionals. 

The Amish get together and build a house in about a week. The house might be lacking in closet space, and there might be a demand for more electrical outlets, but there is a beautiful place to live, shelter that is, many times, made from wood they milled and dried themselves. 

The idea that a house can be built in a short time without debt and with a group of people building it exists. We have seen it done and have been inside Amish built homes. They are built on a regular basis all over the country. 

Homer wants to add to that. To build a small footprint, super insulated home, with cash and with the ability to grow food near it year round. Sized to go into an urban lot, an existing foundation with water, sewer and electric in place. 

As the years roll on, living with the costs of taxes, low heat costs and no mortgage, the homeowner would be able to have time to create. Meals, music, writing, art, technology, programming, event planning: anything really. Schooling, recreation, strength training, yoga. 

Or any other thing. Like farming. 

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