Wednesday, August 7, 2013

a message from our predators

We were off farm for a little bit last night to receive a bit of recognition from the York County Conservation District. We are tickled to be the recipients of the Outstanding Conservation Farm award!
A lovely meal, a chance to see a whole bunch of like minded folks and a quick stop to pick up a garbage can full of pig food. Farmers night out!

A limited edition print of apple blossoms and an apple going up on the wall today!

Being out as night was falling, we prepared for bed and missed a few details. While the dog was out, we were not. And at 3:30 birds were squawking and this morning, at least 3 missing from a broiler pen.

And equally so not funny, a little calling card from *something beside not one but two laying hen pens.

To the untrained, nonfarmer eye, this might not look like two different sets of scat, but it truly is.

Not leaving the farm this evening. Redoubling efforts to you know, stop these marauders. There is an APB out for these hated creatures.

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