Wednesday, July 17, 2013

weeds, egads

Weeds. Hate. Prolific. 

How can you tell a weed? It is whatever overshadows what you really want to grow. It is also usually not attractive to bugs, because what you planted and nurtured and babied and have high hopes of harvesting is what the bugs settle in on. 

Not the weeds. They grow at a furious, ridiculous pace. Enough so that it has come to this: using all kinds of materials to stop them from happening. We have half a acre for vegetables. And we have purchased enough plastic to cover most of it, as we work to cultivate just the things we want growing, and not spend tons of time weeding. At this point plastic and paper are intersecting to keep water directly on our vegetable plants and nothing else. 

It has worked so far. We will roll it up and keep it to reuse. It had to be done to sort the wanted from the unwanted. 

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