Thursday, July 4, 2013

we are going to need a bigger basket

When we adopted Sandi, our now 11 year old Jack Russell, she came with many things: beds, basket, toys, food, blankets, towels, shampoo, collars, harness, leashes, flea meds. 

She has slept in her basket in our room every night since. It was probably a laundry basket originally. 

The foster dog we got the other day, who we are going to keep, fills the front of my Toyota pickup. He came with a collar and a leash and nothing else. 

A dog bed for him looks like it would need to be a twin size mattress. Lucky for us he is ok sleeping on the floor. If he wanted to get in our bed one of us could not fit as he truly takes the space of a human! 

2nd night here. No losses. No disturbances in the flocks. First night here he exited the truck and just growled: he did not chase anything, but when we heard noises he woke right up and let them know he was there. Last night Homer's night in the truck, none of us heard a noise. Tonight is my turn with Chaz outside again. We are debating a dog door so both dogs can come and go. 

Because Homer and I both prefer to sleep in our own bed every night. With dogs next to it not in it. 

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