Thursday, July 18, 2013


Today I am in DC, on Capital Hill. Last night I had dinner with conservation minded farmers and ranchers from across the country, as well as folks from a variety of conservation groups.

All done in an effort to understand how the Farm Bill, farm practices, water issues, endangered species, the NRCS can work towards a common goal, a goal of keeping water, air and soil clean.

Simple things like preventing erosion can make a huge difference. Allowing buffer zones between farms and streams, adding areas of grass can absorb the chemicals used in crop production, and keeping land in native grasses can allow for cattle production along side retaining spots where native wildlife can live.

Last year, in western states, thousands of acres of native grasslands were destroyed. To plant the crops that are subsidized by Farm Bill dollars. There are those who have figured out how to work the system, and make millions of dollars in government subsidies for planting commodity row crops: corn, soy, wheat. 

Wonderful, and amazing to be in a room with other growers who are like minded: working with legislators to encourage changes to the laws that will benefit all of us, long term.

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