Tuesday, July 23, 2013

the battle continues

At this point we figure out farm, and the tasty, tender varieties of poultry available here, have made their way on the list of every meat loving, blood sucking and poop eating creature within miles. 

We locate or identify one thing and another, with a different killing method appears. 

Our attempt at adding goslings and ducklings again this year? One duckling was swallowed by a snake while in the brooder with all the other week old water lovers. And when the 11 remaining cuties went into the small pond, surrounded by electric netting, every single one disappeared by the next morning. Vanished. 

The brooders were long ago rebuilt with a much stronger and smaller mesh than the first go round. Pens have been redesigned and rebuilt for years to provide better protection. 

And still we have losses. The geese were huge protection: mean, big, loud and alert, with the poultry but loose 24/7, they chased things and made lots of noise to alert us too. After a regular visitor tamed them last year they became useless, spending their nights on the back porch looking for food handouts, leaving the porch littered in what geese produce. 

Now we have a good size dog with an impressive bark and growl. But he is a bit fearful of nighttime here. The little dog refuses to go out at night, and will bite if we try to make her. At least the big one can be put on a leash and brought along for company in the truck. 

And still we find dead birds. Even with shifts of the two of us, sleeping part of each night, relieving each other when one is exhausted. On alert. Big dog growls. Shotguns. Traps of all sorts. 

So. When offered a camera that is tripped by movement and has a built in flash to light up nighttime visitors? Yes Please!!

So far nothing shows up. We can see and smell skunks. The fence is pretty secure, with holes patched on a regular basis. Never have seen a raccoon. Have seen a fox and a coyote/wolf looking thing, but not lately. 

Weasel is our next suspect. Small but powerful killer. Likes to drink blood, and has been known to kill just for that. 

And they are small, which explains why we keep not seeing anything. Cue the video, and see if it catches them moving in the night. 

New trap building going on. Wooden boxes with some turns. Because we want the poultry here until we decide differently, not some creature we didn't ask. Smile for the camera. 

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