Saturday, July 27, 2013

sometimes you have to kill it

There has been a stand of trees: the type of tree I used to call a sewer tree. It can grow anywhere and reproduces rapidly. And is not native. And it stinks, and stops anything else from growing around it. 

We set the cattle on it, but they don't really want to eat it. We pull shoots up in the garden more that we want to. 

So when our neighbor let us borrow their tractor it was time. Time dog them up and let them dry in the sun. And then we will burn them. 

More will appear. Not every root is gone. But each year we have reduced the numbers. In a couple years, some hickory or hazelnut should go in there. Something native, that grows a bug that helps songbirds feed their babies. Because the birds are awesome and need babies. 

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