Friday, July 5, 2013

Sandi proves who is boss

With the addition of another dog, Sandi is a tad miffed. 

She has been THE dog here, and The arrival of Chaz seems like it inspired her to step up her game. 

We were working yesterday and she starting barking the bark that means "I found something" so we set off to find her. 

Homer located her in the high grass. He had the scythe with him, and used it to clear around her. She was working at something in a hole, and Homer wanted to see exactly what it was. 

It turned out to be a groundhog. This photo distorts the sizes a bit: the thing was about the same size as she is. She went down the hole, pulled it out, and dispatched it. All by herself, no help from anyone. 

Chaz went to the back porch of the house until all the ruckus was over. She was yipping and barking and we were both calling to each other "where is she" and "what is it" and then expressing much surprise at what she did. 

Chaz remained on the porch until it became quiet again. He seemed a tad confused by the events. 

And Sandi, after drinking a bucket of water and a well deserved rest in the shade, walked the farm with her tail up, head high, truly a bad girl. She needs a tattoo, except she would bite anyone that tried to hold her. Top dog again. 

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