Sunday, July 28, 2013

off with you redo

It's a do over. 

When is Tuesday not Tuesday? When it is really Monday. 

Last week these 2 had an appointment with the butcher. Tuesday, we were certain. Carried a basket with eggs into the livestock trailer and both pigs jumped right in. 

Phone call to confirm delivery time and that there are 2 on the way. "done with pigs for this week this morning" we are told. Out the pigs go. Back onto the field. 

Delivery Monday. Butcher Tuesday. This week. Not last. We got this. 

Family visited this weekend. First pigs: 3 little ones in the mobile pen. Next pigs: 4 medium sized ones in a larger, fenced off area. Last pigs: these 2, called from the trailer where they were hanging, caused our guests to all take a couple steps back and say whoa! Monster pigs!

A lovely visit. Guitar playing, egg collection, stick throwing for the big dog, grilled food, use of the swings and such. Not too hot, a beautiful time. Life is good. 

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