Saturday, June 29, 2013

today's share

What do we do with our vegetable share? Last nights dinner used up most of a box, for three of us. 

There was a garlic scape pesto: the scapes, nuts, cheese, olive oil ground up together and then mixed up with orzo. 

A salad that used up most of the lettuce, with carrots in there too. A quick dressing that is a mix of honey, mustard and olive oil. 

In a cast iron skillet a bit of olive oil was heated up. Into that went garlic until tender. Removed and then beets, sliced thin, until tender. And then after pulling the beets, radishes in there. All 3 mixed, then a little sea salt on top. And the beets greens cooked down and added to the salad. 

And a gift we received this week from our farmer friends in Detroit: pickled green tomatoes. We opened and finished the jar in one meal: the green tartness was a wonderful counterbalance to the sweetness of the crisped root vegetables and the honey mustard salad. And the bracing scape pasta. 

Who gets to eat like this?! We do! Yay!

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