Friday, June 28, 2013

summer showers

Our weather forecast is exactly the same for every day for the next 7 days. It is a photo of an ominous looking cloud accompanied with a lighting bolt. 

It means sunny days, a thunderstorm in the late afternoon that rolls over violently and quickly, cooling the temperatures down and then foggy, cool mornings. 

Yesterday I was at market when it happened. 15 minutes of rain, everything cleared up, and customers reappeared. 

Homer was at the farm working with seedlings, weeds and vegetables. Perfect planting weather, after the rains! Daily rains are good for the vegetables, and the grass we grow here. Milkweed and aster love it too. 

We want to keep as much water as possible on our farm. Our vegetable growing area is at the center of our property surrounded by grass, as we believe it is important to keep our soil on our property too. 

Erosion from growing in soil: when these sudden, intense, heavy rains appear in the heat of is important to us to keep our soul here, on our property. 

Soil in our waterways, scientists have discovered, results in many things. The water from New York State to the Chesapeake Bay is compromised by runoff, as the amount of soil particles in the water decreases the amount of sunlight that can penetrate the water. This reduces the amount of grass that can live in the water. And the grass is where the crabs live, breed and have their babies. 

This is important to us because steamed crabs...the best thing. Oysters on the half shell also excellent. 

Keeping our soil here improves our meals here on farm. And our meals off farm too. The next time you see a big wash of gravel/soil/debris leading to a stream after an intense summer storm, think of steamed crabs. And soft shell crabs. And oysters on the half shell. And consider ways to slow that stuff down. 

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