Wednesday, June 5, 2013

such beautiful days

We know the heat and humidity are on the way. It will stop raining, and still manage to feel damp because of the amount of moisture in the air. 

But for here, now, it is amazing. Sunny, blue skies, puffy white clouds. Perfect day and night temperatures. 

Yesterday was a day when many tasks were crossed off the list. Easy to work from sun up to sun down...which is a lot of hours right now! 

Summer and warmth loving seeds and transplants in. More beds cleared and prepared. Brooders emptied and filled. 

And The Tramper arrived last night. If you read David and Jane Grant's blog on traveling the country for 6 months in their superinsulated, solar and propane powered rebuilt 1957 aluminum trailer you know it needed a spot for resting when they aren't using it. David says it is 70 square feet, which sounds like not much for living space except when it occupies your driveway!

Here it is on the crest of the hill, near the hoophouse behind the cedar tree. The front door opens to the view of the mountain. And last night to the view of the stars and the fireflies! 

Photos today, as it was too dark last night for pictures after getting The Tramper situated and getting a tour. 

We located neoprene roofing the other day, and have a vision of our plunge pool (the extra section of the feed bin we did not need) lined with it on that hill. It seems odd that the high point would be private, but the way the everything is situated it turns out it is. So a little space out there changes with one awesome thing: a rebuilt camper that is fully self contained. Nice!

And corn is in. And the pigs are doing as we had hoped, clearing the woods of all sorts of things we didn't want to get in there and deal with, and the pigs love doing it. One electric wire threads through, protecting may apples while providing access to nonnative honeysuckle. And the pigs are eating the vine and root, leaving nothing behind. And doing the same to poison ivy. While leaving the trees in place. What a fantastic animal. 

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