Wednesday, June 12, 2013

now I know what I was forgetting

We are just shy of 13 acres here. Not a lot if you grew up on a farm out west or even many farms here in the east. We wanted as much as we could afford without a mortgage and still have shelter from rain and cold, so 12+ a little it is. 

On Sunday I was certain...positive...I was forgetting something. I knew it but could not get the thing to bubble up. 

On Monday I realized what it was. Toilet paper in the composting toilet. 

While tp reserves in the house are usually  in the linen closet right there in the room where it is used, steps away from the vehicle that transported it to the farm, the one a quarter mile or so from the house is a whole other story. 

The whole "could you throw a roll of tp in here please" takes on a whole different dimension when a half a mile round trip is involved. 

For that reason alone I'm happy not to own a thousand acres. Others can manage better than I. And I'm betting it is the real reason farmers are usually men. 

In other news the sunflowers are almost in bloom. 

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