Monday, June 3, 2013

in high grass

The growth of the grass has been rapid. It grows in clumps that still allow bare patches, which are good for the native bees. Those bees have homes in individual holes in the dirt, and where the ground is covered with clover there is no room for the bees to move in. We still offer many spots for them and see them all the time, everywhere. 

As the herd of cattle move through, they devour the greens. Little poison ivy grows anymore, which never ceases to amaze me. 

Still everywhere are the milkweeds. There are several different kinds, all supporting the Monarch butterfly population. We have seen lots of other butterflies and scuppers, but no Monarchs. We think it is awesome that the cattle cleared the tall stuff from around the milkweeds so the butterflies can spot them when they return from their travels to Mexico. 

While up close the herd of cattle are clearly not babies, from a distance all that can be seen are their backbones, or sometimes a set of small horns. 

The front yard, just a few weeks ago eaten down to nothing, is waist high on me. Homer met a neighbor who asked if we are the ones in the messy house. 

Yup. That's us. 

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