Thursday, June 6, 2013

hauling compost

Homer's truck has a bed of compost for months on end. We add a bit to the vegetable beds each week as we add seeds and transplants...all are heavy feeders that benefit from the addition to our natural clay soil. 

There are days when it seems like making bowls with the clay and firing it in the broiling sun might be a better idea than working vegetables. 

These are not those days. It has been a run of beautiful, calm, sunny, low humidity days. We have been able to get tons of necessary work completed. The cattle are slicking up, losing their winter coats, the chickens and turkeys are growing well, the egg layers are producing eggs that shine inside and out and the pigs are grazing and clearing the back fence line. 

And the vegetables and the flowers are glorious. The transplanted peppers, tomatoes and eggplants have settled in and are flowering and producing new tiny little things that in a bit will be harvested. 

And the flowers too. Homer's version of a truck farmer with the 500 pounds each pigs grazing in the background. Visions of bacon, sausage and Canadian bacon abound. 

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