Saturday, June 22, 2013

even me

We were off farm for a couple of hours last night, attending a solstice party. Such a beautiful day: comfortable temperatures, low humidity, mosquitoes not too bad. I guess it was actually evening, but light for so long!

A chance to catch up with friends, tell some stories, laugh out loud. Meet the brother of the husband of a woman that I used to work with. 

The dog rode along. And while on my lap, when I patted her on the neck, she growled at me. I wasn't certain I heard her correctly, so tried again. She growled again. If I tried a third time I'd bet money she would have snapped at me. 

Don't touch that dog. She ran the farm with Homer on Thursday and she did what she is on farm to do, but that dog likes her space and wants no one, even me, in it. 

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