Sunday, June 2, 2013

almost berry season

We have killed several plantings of strawberries. While winter hardy and a perennial in this part of the world, we have managed to handle them and move them too much, and then neglect them too long. They need one spot, regular weeding, occasional watering and left alone. Seems, so far, not possible for us. We get strawberries from our farmer friends. 

Right now it is time for seeing the flowers and early buds on blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. We only have enough of each growing to satisfy our own, daily, picking and eating needs. Not enough for jam, coulis or freezing for eating all year. 

We know other farmers who grow chemical free and pick your own. It's coming on time to visit, and preserve, for us to have great eats for the next year. 

There are a few servings left of blueberries. 50 pounds is about the right amount for us to put aside for a year. About the same on strawberries too. The raspberry coulis, which goes over a banana tempura with vanilla ice cream, or a home grown yogurt, is impossible to have enough for a year. A lovely favorite, we try annually to put away enough but that one is always a fail. 

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