Friday, May 31, 2013

yes, you too

The herd of cattle, along with the rest of the livestock, move all around the farm. With a system of posts and wires and the mobile shade/water, this is pretty simple to do.

The smallest member of the herd is proving to be interesting. It has cloned into the middle of the mobile shade unit twice, and is the one that managed to open the latches on the turkey pen and get in there. 

Today when it came time to move all the rest went right over. They walk from the paddock they have been in right into the new one. This move required crossing the mowed pathway (it runs the farm so we can get around) and that little one looks tempted to make a run for it. 

Herd instinct prevailed, and into the high grass of the next paddock they go.  They lead themselves.

And once in the new paddock, they get right on it.

What they are searching for is this:

Wheat. Not cut and neatly arranged like this, but growing in spots out there. Along with tons of others...

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