Wednesday, May 22, 2013

walkway weeds

We have a pretty good system for weed suppression in the vegetable beds. Most of what we pick is pretty clean, and pulling weeds in the beds does not take long. 

The walkways are a whole different thing. There is, every year, different attempts made to stop grass and weeds from growing at a ridiculous rapid pace. 

We love to recycle stuff, to provide a different use before things hit the landfill. Sometimes used wall to wall carpet becomes available, so we decided to use some in the walkways. 

Cut into strips and turned upside down, these carpet remnants are now installed in about 1/4 of the garden. We used all that was available to us, and it is working. Stops light and water. We will use landscape cloth on the rest so that we have access to all beds. 

This year we have made a small amount of money with instruction, talks and tours. We are using those earnings for this purpose, to reduce the amount of hand weeding. Time is needed for other work. 

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