Tuesday, May 21, 2013

top flight xl

All over the farm, as the pens move the poultry around, they tear up the grass down to the bare earth. 

That process has revealed many things to our eyes. And many other things we do not see, that the birds eat. 

One thing that appears regularly in the ground are golf balls. At some point someone was here hitting them all over the property, we have found many. 

We have one pen of laying hens that was given to us free. They are a breed we never usually get: red sex link. Bred to lay an egg a day and to have a low food input requirement for maximum egg production, they regularly eat their own eggs. Disgusting and a money loser for us. 

So the golf balls go into their nest boxes. When they smack the golf ball rather then an egg in an attempt to break it, it helps discourage them from breaking the eggs. 

It worked, clean eggs from their nests yesterday!

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