Thursday, May 16, 2013


Yesterday we notified our CSA members that its on. This week, and every week for the next 26 weeks, vegetables, eggs and chicken will be delivered. A few years ago we missed a week because of terrible storms, flooding and governors requests that no one go on the road except for emergencies, and lettuce didn't seem to qualify. So barring any weather craziness, we know just where we will be in 2013!

At the same time we are trying to keep life in balance, not work ourselves into exhaustion and resentment. Sometimes when it is hot and there is much to do we can, each of us, go out of balance. And in August, when home insurance, business insurance, taxes and a feed bill are all due while everyone else is at the beach, we need to remember to keep a balance. Not traveling to the beach, but by stopping and resting. And by continuing to prepare meals, visiting with friends and generally keeping it fun. 

Last year we grew chickens for a chef that wanted 3 pound birds. We made a commitment in January that extended from May until November. And by June realized that a 3 pound bird is a bird difficult for us to manage. This year we are doing what we have done in years past, 4 pound birds to our CSA members, farm visitors and a couple of close by farmers markets. We have a few more varieties of flowers in the ground. A few more pigs. A few more laying hens. And fewer chickens for chicken. 

Striking a balance always seems like a lovely but maybe not quite possible goal. We are lucky to have support and interest from such nice people who we get to call our friends, and from our family as well. 

Our vegetable planting is almost half over. We will seed lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, carrots, beets and radishes each week for 14 more weeks, along with planting out the rest of the tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, squash. Other things still go in, but potatoes are all in (400 pounds!) and garlic too. And a bunch of herbs...

So a little calm before the storm. An effort to keep work in balance with fun, nourishment and hydration in balance with physical labor. 

And bacon. Let there be bacon for us and for all. 

And a few flowers too. 

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