Tuesday, May 14, 2013

pigs in grass

We have 2 Hereford gilts. They have been a part of our work crew around the hoop house and have now hit a size where they are large enough to do real clearing. 

When we moved on the farm there were a lot of thorny things growing on our fields. Plenty of poison ivy too. We have chopped and pulled lots of it up, the cows have decreased the amounts too. Most look green and grassy with weeds mixed in too. 

At the very back of the property, behind the woods, it is still pretty shrubby. It is down a hill, not a huge slope, but steep enough to make moving chicken pens a real hassle, so they have not been down there. 

It is a perfect spot for these two pigs. Lots of shade and sun. Lots of spots for digging. Lots of weedy, shrubby stuff to uproot. And every bit of it edible if you are a pig. 

We gave them access to the non-native honeysuckle. But not to the May Apples, now in beautiful bloom. They can also get to the multiflora rose, but not the stand of beeches. And to a whole lot of acorns too. 

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