Sunday, May 19, 2013

peppers, eggplant go in

The big pigs moved to the spot on the farm that needs tearing up. Still full of briars and too many vines, including some big vines growing up trees, the pigs will browse and graze first, and eventually dig up and eat the roots too. 

This week the sides of the hoop house will be removed. The rain gutters will go up and all the rain barrels will get set in place. More weeding. And seeds will go in too. 

And the eggplant and pepper seedlings that have been growing in various spots will go into this area. Some of the seedlings are quite large: we start a bunch, when it does not look like we have good germination we start a bunch more, then more again, and then I went back to Landreth for even more eggplant seeds. We have not yet had too many, and setting them out is certain to cause some losses. 

Right now they look big in the pots. When they go into the ground the plants will look tiny. The temptation to plant them close together must be avoided. Each plant will end up a couple feet tall and wide, and we need room to move around them, must remember!

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