Monday, May 27, 2013

now that is hot

The entire growing season we use our licensed kitchen. In the winter time not so much, just the fridge for the eggs. 

There is a time in the really cold, really dark part of the winter where most things really grind to a halt. And egg production slows. For a bit we turned the water off, saving the pump and hot water heating. 

And then *boom, eggs aplenty. Water needed for hand washing. And no hot water. Water, but mostly cold. Discussions of removal, return, replacement of hot water heat system. 

Another realization: we might just need to clear the lines, reset, reprime. Done and done, and now steam rises from the water again. Sometimes it is just the simple things, maintenance stuff that needs doing, not the rip it out at the base thing. Seems we tend toward the tear it up way...

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