Wednesday, May 8, 2013

in the zone

When we installed our perimeter fences, we put them 30 feet inside our property line. We wanted there to be an undos turned area, an area where we could plant native trees, shrubs, flowers and grasses. 

Not everything in there is native. A couple of our neighbors don't like it, and mow from their property line as close to our fence as they can get. 

This *mostly unmowed buffer provides shelter for animals. Today, as Homer was walking and working, he saw this little nest. Probably a song bird, maybe only a robin, but clearly in a sheltered spot. 

Neither of us know birds, eggs or nest size/shape to be able to identify. Finding nests on our property is like a fantastic adventure. Poof! The nests suddenly appear. Just a few weeks and baby birds appear. 

It seems like each year we see more birds here. We do not set out bird feeders, we plant natives knowing they support the bugs that feed the songbirds. Because its all about the colorful, beautiful songbirds and providing spots for them to build. 

And the butterflies too! Already have seen swallowtails!

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