Friday, May 10, 2013

cute meter

The cute meter jumped way up the other day. 

A small box arrived from the hatchery. In it were a variety of ducklings and goslings. We will raise them all together and use a house that has reinforcement around it to house them at night. In the past we have lost ducklings and goslings to every imaginable predator, including the dog. So electric fencing with a covering over the area they are in is on order. 

Right now they are all downy and in the brooder until it is warmer out at night and they develop feathers. We used aluminum trays (pig food had been given to us in them) and put a large rock in each one, so the smallest ones could step out easily. 

These things double in size daily. They will be installed in the pond in no time. While they were growing, we set more beds, weeded walkways, built bluebird houses, and Homer made 2 more chicken pens. Next week we will process our first batch of chickens, emptying pens in that process, so pen building is about done. Cattle delivery on Monday. 

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