Wednesday, May 29, 2013


We left the farm on Saturday to attend a wedding. Held at the Cloisters, just outside of Baltimore, the setting was fantastic. 

The wedding was in keeping with the location, as the entire wedding party and many of the guests wore period costumes. It was fun to see so many friends all dressed up!

Homer was fascinated with the construction of the building. It really is spectacular. The food was awesome, flowers and decorations perfect, it was really a wonderful time. 

The ceremony took place outside, and the weather cooperated. Chairs were set in the courtyard for guests, with plenty of space for the musicians. Two sides of the courtyard were a portico, with the roof made from rocks...large, flat rocks held in place with a variety of means. 

We had a wonderful time and are so happy for our friends. And a spark of inspiration from their selection of such a beautiful atmosphere. 

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