Sunday, May 26, 2013

a day of rest

Saturday. We know other people run errands and take it easy. 

In Saturdays now I go to a farmers market. Only about 15 minutes away, it is an easy thing to get there and back. Homer even visited yesterday and was there while I took a little break: the wind was just overwhelming. I sat inside for 15 minutes, a luxury!

Homer did the usual morning chores: feeding, moving and watering all the livestock. We packed the coolers and all the market gear. And after he visited me, he did a little work that is not really farm work but how he relaxes. 

If you ask Homer about sports of any sort he does not know the players or the teams. Sitting and watching others play at things is just not something he does. In his leisure time he is thinking, designing and building things. 

Yesterday he worked in the man cave. We have collected things in our travels and yesterday he installed some treasures there. 

We have received bamboo poles from people who have it growing on their property. Bamboo is incredibly healthy and produces rapidly in this country. There are just one or two bamboos that are native while most are not. Bamboo chokes out anything else in the area, completely overrunning where it was planted and beyond. These non-natives do not support our native song birds or what their babies need to eat, so when offered what is cut we agree to take it and install where it is not touching the ground. It will spring back to life given the opportunity!

The poles went in at the sunny/windy corner of the man cave. And then a couple of the big expanses of glass also went in, to cut down on just how much the strong wind that hits when in there. 

I returned from the market, unloaded the truck, cleaned coolers, stowed all the gear. A little rest a little lunch and off we went to a lovely wedding of a couple we have known for years. Such a beautiful evening!

And this morning. Picking and packing vegetables. Chickens packed in coolers, eggs in cartons and into coolers, and then distribution. Tomorrow we plant more vegetables, weed, finish the last chicken pen...and plenty of other things. 

So thankful to share the day with loved ones, to share in joy. Life is good. 

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