Tuesday, April 2, 2013

what sort of day?

It was a frustrating sort of day.

A one step forward, two steps back kind of a day.

In the summer months it can just be hot and dead calm. But in the winter and spring the wind, on some days, can be relentless. All day, windy as feed and water are carried. As eggs are gathered. As attempts at moving soil and seeds are foiled.

The planting beds in the hoophouse are full. We need to begin planting outside because when harvest time arrives it will be too hot in the hoophouse. So seeds need to go in outside.

Not possible. The wind rips everything, the plastic covering the hoop structure makes so much noise in the weed that serious headaches result.

So much wind a shade cover: a heavy pallet and large piece of metal went airborne. A lid from a garbage can blown into the road, smashed by a passing car before it could be retrieved.

Note to farmers: when the weather forecast shows an odd graphic that is just sideways graphics, figure out indoor work. Fighting it is just frustration.

Sunny, clear and reasonable temperatures are on the horizon. Rain on Friday. Farm work will happen. Please.

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