Tuesday, April 30, 2013

there must be a reason

We live on a road that is a main artery in a country sort of way. It connects York with Newberrytown/Lewisberry, and is a road that cyclists, motorcyclists and people in convertibles love to drive. Farms, woods, streams and homes are all along the drive, and it runs parallel to I83.

Recently the road has had much heavy equipment on it, blocking traffic. We have gotten stuck in it. A work crew: 2 regulate traffic, 4-5 with shovels, a tractor with a large blade attached, a number of dump trucks, a conveyer belt attached to a truck and a few bits of other equipment are extraordinarily slowly moving up the road.

This entire group is doing one thing. Clearing the side of the road, so that the grass is farther to the side and not up on the asphalt.

The state of Pennsylvania reports 4,700+ structurally deficient bridges. Those bridges have restrictions on them, and some have been shut down.

While our road is lovely, the amount of equipment and people working to get grass off of it was large. The budget probably was too. I don't know much about roadways and construction, but it seems like state money might be better spent rebuilding and repairing bridges in this state.

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