Sunday, April 21, 2013

pens built!

Yesterday, here on the farm, we held Homer's annual instruction day, Move That Livestock!

On one of the windiest days of this year, folks gathered with all the parts needed for making pens. With options for pigs, turkeys, broilers or egg layers, every attendee opted for an egg layer pen.

Starting at 8:15 and ending after 4 it was a full day of hands on work. Homer's design incorporates materials from every department of the hardware store...and here at the farm the sounds of all sorts of equipment filled the air: saws, hammers, impact drills, cordless drills, pipe wrench: well, it really isn't a construction project unless everything gets used is it?

Lots of pens left the farm yesterday. Lovely to see everyone here, exchange ideas, get it done. One participant emailed to ask if they had to bring the components and then assemble the pen on the day, I encouraged them to do so, and all left with happy smiles to have that job done, ready for hens!

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